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Our external doors help you to blur the boundary between inside and out; extend your living space into the garden and flood your home with natural light all year round thanks to the large, toughened glass panes that live inside luxurious, energy-efficient frames.

The Aspire patio range caters for every need thanks to our wide selection of French doors and external bi-folding doors. The French style is two doors, side-by-side, that are both able to open outwards. Bi-folding doors include three or more doors that fold and slide in a concertina style, allowing for much larger openings whilst retaining that air of elegance. 

Both styles are absolutely perfect for maximising space in the home; they open or fold outwards, and they also help to make rooms appear bigger than they are because of how much natural light they allow to pass through.

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Thickness: 44mm       Construction: Oak Veneer
Finish: Fully Finished     Glazing: 20mm Toughened DG
With our Croft Glazed Unfinished Oak, it's easy to see why classic entrance doors are still so popular. If you have a traditional or cottage style home then this timeless front door will provide the finishing touch. Our Croft has tastefull...
The Newton Glazed Unfinished Oak is a contemporary take on the oak front door, perfect for homeowners who prefer a modern twist to their designs. Simple panelling and minimalist glazing make the Newton as versatile as it is stylish. Our Ne...
Our Linear Unfinished Oak front doors make the perfect addition to your contemporary project. The Linear's sleek geometric design will turn your entrance door into a focal point of your modern home. An engineered timber core provides stabi...
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Clear Pine Veneer
Finish: Unfinished       U-Value: 1.4  
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Engineered Softwood
Finish: Grey       U-Value: 1.4
Thickness: 44mm       Construction: Oak Veneer
Finish: Unfinished       U-Value: 1.6
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Oak Veneer
Finish: Unfinished       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Engineered Softwood
Finish: White       U-Value: 1.4
Thickness: 44mm       Construction: Clear Pine Veneer 
Finish: Unfinished       U-Value: 1.8  
Thickness: 44mm       Construction: Oak Veneer
Finish: Fully Finished      U-Value: 1.6
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Clear Pine Veneer
Finish: Unfinished       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Engineered Softwood
Finish: Grey       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: 3 Part Solid Oak
Finish: Unfinished       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Engineered Timber
Finish: White       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: Oak Veneer
Finish: Fully Finished       U-Value: 1.4
Thickness: 70mm       Construction: Aluminium
Finish: Anthracite Grey       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 70mm       Construction: Aluminium
Finish: White       U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 54mm       Construction: 3 Part Solid Oak
Finish: Unfinished     U-Value: 1.5
Thickness: 70mm       Construction: Aluminium
Finish: Anthracite Grey       U-Value: 1.6

Further Information

Our doors range in size between 2-door 1.2m French pairs all the way up to 6-door 4.8m bi-fold sets, meaning we can cater for almost any home or patio. Our variety of materials and finishes gives you the opportunity to find the perfect door set for your project. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality for all budgets. Our Element patio doors were recently used by ITV's Bad Builders: Bang to Rights to transform a failed build with fantastic results. 

All exterior doors from Aspire come with the necessary hardware, including door handles, hinges and security locks. Our doors are easy to fit and hang, thanks to the high quality parts and simple bespoke instructions that are individually tailored to the door that you purchase. Whilst they are relatively easy to install, you may be better off enlisting a professional joiner or builder to fit your Aspire external door system.

The woods, metals and plastics that we use in our manufacturing process are of the highest quality, delivering long-term style as well as incredible thermal efficiency, wind resistance and security too. The UK has very strict standards when it comes to being energy efficient and safe; all Aspire products pass every regulation with flying colours. The double glazed doors provide thermal insulation that far exceeds the UK benchmark, helping to reduce your energy bills and keep harsh weather outside.

Our most popular styles are our luxury fully finished engineered oak doors and versatile unfinished pine doors, thanks to their stylish yet durable stainless steel and aluminium fittings. All of our 54mm products also feature Secured By Design hardware; a security standard put in place to help UK police cut down crime.

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