An internal door is an important addition to any room. It adds that finishing touch, and creates a clear barrier between spaces. White doors offer a stunning, contemporary vibe but they can also show dirt very easily. This is especially true when compared to darker doors. That’s why it’s important that you keep white doors clean, so that they retain their fresh and flawless appearance.

How To Clean White Doors

A diluted solution of mild dish soap and water is suitable for cleaning most surfaces, including your painted white doors. Some people swear by cleaning paintwork with vinegar, but vinegar can be too acidic. Vinegar is wonderful for cleaning any glazing but mild dish soap is generally a safer choice for cleaning your doors.

  1. Begin by dusting the door to remove as much loose debris and dirt as possible. Next, test the door cleaner solution on a very small area of the door that is not clearly visible. This is to make sure that the solution won’t react with the finish. If it does, you want to make sure it’s in a place that is not immediately obvious.
  2. Lay some newspaper under the door to catch any drips once you start cleaning.
  3. If the solution appears safe to use, then you can begin by wiping the door down. Use a spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution, then mop it up with a sponge or a squeegee, before drying the door with a paper towel or dry, clean cloth.
  4. If the door is stained or varnished, then once it’s dry you can polish it or use a suitable wax to give it a beautiful, rich glow.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the frame and sill as well, and to buff the glass panels if the door has any. Pay careful attention to where the panes meet the frame, as these are areas where dust tends to accumulate. You may want to use a cotton bud or Q-tip to remove dust from these areas.

If there are stubborn patches of dirt, then you can clean them up with distilled vinegar. This has a strong odour, but it will go away with time and vinegar is a cheap and effective cleaning solution. Do not use strong detergents on painted doors, because they can damage the paintwork.

Bare in mind that wooden inside doors require special care compared to uPVC doors, or single doors with aluminium frames. You will need to choose the right door cleaner solution based on whether the door is stained, varnished, or painted with oil-based paint or latex-based paint.

How Do I Remove Scratches and Scuff Marks?

If a varnished or stained door has scratches or scuff marks, then you can get rid of these with an appropriate shade of furniture polish or wax. Sometimes, buffing painted doors will remove mild scuff marks too, but that is not always the case.

If the scuff or scratch is very deep then you may need to repaint that patch. Sand around it to give an even finish, and spot restore, carefully, with a small paintbrush. Make sure that the paint you use is an exact match. You may want to test the new paint in an unobtrusive area to ensure that it does match well and that you don’t get clear ‘edges’ where the old paint meets the new paint.

How Do I Clean Door Glazing?

It’s a rare breed of person that enjoys cleaning glass, but everyone loves the results when it’s done well. If you don’t know the ‘little tricks’ then you may find that your windows end up a mess of streaks and stains, which is hardly fun to deal with. These tips will help you to get great results.

1 – Use distilled water

If you have hard water, then mixing up a cleaning solution using tap water could leave you with unsightly marks on your glass from the minerals in the water. Distilled water is inexpensive to buy, and is perfect for diluting your cleaning solution, leaving you with clean, streak-free windows.

2 – Save money by using vinegar instead of detergent

Instead of using glass cleaner or soap, use a solution of one part water to one part vinegar. It produces great results even on windows that are a little grimy, and it will give you a streak-free finish while lifting most dirt off the glass surface with ease. Vinegar does have a strong smell to it, but it will dissipate quite quickly if you open your windows and doors while you clean.

3 – Use newspaper instead of paper towels

Use newspaper to wipe your glass surface clean, instead of using paper towels. The problem with paper towels is that they have a tendency to leave lint traces behind. Squeegees, microfiber cloths and newspaper are all much better options than paper towels (and less wasteful too).

4 – Buff the glass with a chamois

Once you’ve finished washing the glass in the door, buff them clean with a chamois or a microfiber cloth – or any other form of lint-free, non-abrasive fabric. This will give you a nice clean, sparkling finish.

Clean your glass doors and windows regularly. It takes just a few minutes to wipe down a glass surface if it’s relatively clean. Wiping large amounts of grime off takes much longer, and getting the windows sparkling clean might take more than one pass. As usual, little and often is the best way to go.

How Do I Clean Frosted Glass Doors?

Frosted glass has been popular in restaurants and offices for many years, and is now starting to become a common sight in modern homes as well. Frosted glass windows add privacy, and they can also set the tone and ambiance of the room by reducing glare and softening the light that comes through them.

You can buy frosted glass with a number of different textures and levels of translucency. Some simply ‘soften’ the light coming through, others are much more opaque. The glass itself is quite easy to take care of, and can simply be wiped clean.

For general day-to-day cleaning, a simple soap solution and some newspaper will do the job even on frosted glass. If you need to remove metal marks or heavy stains, then you should use an abrasive sponge and an ammonia-based glass cleaner. When you have treated the stain and carefully scrubbed the glass, wipe it down with a lint-free cloth to bring the glass to a clean finish.

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