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Create flow between your living spaces with a set of stunning bi fold doors from Aspire Doors. Whether it’s indoors to outdoors or room-to-room, bi fold doors (also known as folding doors, folding sliding doors, or concertina doors) allow you to open up or divide the space as you need. Pairing cutting-edge features with stylish looks, our bi folding doors are a beautiful addition to any home. We have a wide range of different materials available, including oak, pine and aluminium. And whether you choose unfinished, white primed or pre-finished, you’re sure to find your dream doors at Aspire.

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Thanks to their large glass panels, bi fold doors flood rooms with light, ideal for enjoying your garden year-round, or for bringing a bit of natural light to darker spaces in your home. Our doors range in size from 2-panel interior systems all the way to 6-door, 4.8m sets, so even larger openings can be catered for. Whatever your requirements, our experts are with you every step of the way, helping you to decide on the best configuration, material, finish and glazing to suit your home, and your lifestyle.

Here at Aspire Doors, we offer an extensive range of both internal and external folding doors, in a range of materials and finishes . We pride ourselves on our expertise and our use of the highest-quality materials, hardware and locking systems. The high quality is reflected in the longevity of our products – they are built to last. Not only that, but they’ll also provide optimum thermal efficiency, weather resistance and security. The thermal insulation of our bi folding doors far exceeds the UK benchmark, helping you to reduce your energy bills and keep you cosy and comfy whatever the weather.

Our bi fold door sets come as an easy-to-install kit, featuring panels, tracking system, hinges and door furniture. They can be installed by a joiner, thanks to the bespoke instructions provided. They are also flexible in that  you can hang them to slide in either direction, according to the layout and space within your home.

External Bi Fold Doors from Aspire Doors

If you’re looking to connect the interior of your home to the great outdoors, then external bi fold doors are the way to go. Allowing for wider openings than traditional external French doors, external bi folding doors essentially let you open up an entire wall of your home to the outside. This gives a seamless indoor-outdoor flow when the weather is good, and when it’s not you can still enjoy fantastic views of your garden and let the natural light come flooding in.

Our external bi fold doors are energy efficient, secure and stylish, with toughened glass and multi-point locking systems. They’re available in 3 to 6 door configurations, to suit any openings from 1.8m to 4.8m. Like all our door systems, they come as a kit, complete with furnishings, tracks and easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll be enjoying your new, opened-up living space in no time!

Our Range of Internal Bi Fold Doors

Bi fold doors aren’t just for connecting the indoors with the outdoors; they are also a stylish and practical way to connect the spaces within your home. WIth our range of internal bi fold doors, you can seamlessly connect your kids’ play room with your living room or your kitchen with your dining room.

The beauty of internal bi fold doors is that they allow you to create an open-plan living space, with the ability to divide that space when you need it. Sometimes known as room dividers, they can be opened or closed as privacy or space requires. Our internal bi fold doors are available fully finished, or classic white primed. Or, if you wish to paint or stain them a particular colour to match your decor, you can opt for an unfinished set.

What are bi fold doors and how do they work?

Bi fold, or bi folding, doors, are sets of 2 or more connected panels that open up in a concertina style to provide a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors or between rooms in your home. The panels fold flat against themselves when open, rather than opening outwards like a French door, or covering half the opening, like a sliding patio door. The panels sit within a track, and when opened, they slide along and fold back against themselves simultaneously. This makes them an ideal choice for opening up your living space. Find out more about how bi fold doors work here.

What size are bi fold doors?

Thanks to their flexibility, bi fold doors are available in a number of sizes. The individual panels are usually standard size, but the number of panels can vary depending on the size of the opening. This makes them an excellent choice for larger spaces, while the large glazed panels help to open up smaller spaces. Our smallest bi fold door sets are 2-panel internal sets, while our largest go up to 6 panels and openings up to 4.8m

Are bi fold doors expensive?

Bi fold doors can be more expensive than other types of door, as their complex construction means that manufacturing them is more expensive. The cost will also depend on any additional work needed, such as cutting or widening the opening. However, they are versatile, stylish and durable, so while bi fold doors are sometimes expensive, their high quality construction and energy efficiency make them a worthwhile investment.

Are bi fold doors draughty?

When installed and maintained correctly, bifold doors are no more draughty than any other type of door. The only time you might get a draught is if the doors are not closed properly, and this should be obvious as the door won’t sit flush in its frame. Otherwise, with proper care and maintenance, your bi fold doors will keep draughts, rain and snow at bay and keep your home warm and cosy for years to come.

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