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Internal folding french door Vs Bifold Doors: Which to choose?

With so many different types of doors, choosing the right kind can be an overwhelming task. 

You may have heard phrases such as “french doors”, “single doors”, “bi-fold doors”. Each with their share of pros and cons. Depending on the style of your house and the space you have available, you may want to choose one over the other. But how can you know which to choose? That’s where we come in. 

Aspire Doors offers not only offers a wide variety of door choices to suit your home, we also offer unparalleled expert advice for anyone wishing to start their door-renovation journey. If you find that you’re still in a 

Folding doors themselves offer a variety of benefits. They save space that a standard door would take up when opening and closing, they create an illusion of a larger room and a seamless transition to nearby rooms, and, let’s be honest, they look great while doing it.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the differences between two specific types of folding doors; bi-fold doors, and folding french doors. Each with benefits in their own right.

What are the Differences Between Folding French Doors and Bi-fold Doors? 

Internal folding french doors offer the flush fold of a french door and the space-saving benefits of a bi-folding door. Internal folding french doors will typically have a central opening point and are made of panels that fold flush against the wall. Aspire Doors offer internal folding french doors that range from 1 panel, up to four, making them extremely versatile for your home.

Bi-fold doors are made of two or more panels that fold in an accordion style along a track. These doors can either have a central opening point, allowing the frames to fold against either side of the doorframe, or open completely from the side of the doorframe, pushing the folds to one side of the doorframe.

Benefits of Folding Doors

Folding doors in general have a lot to offer. Both bi-fold doors and folding french doors have many benefits beyond what a standard swinging door can offer.

Bifold doors, like folding french doors, can be larger than a standard door. Because the door is split into multiple panels that fold along a track or fold against the wall, the space that a swinging door will typically take up can be used for furniture, rugs, or just a clean look.

They are easy to install. Unlike standard swinging doors, they don’t require delicate placement in the wall. You can simply break down a non-load-bearing wall and fill the space with your new bi-fold doors. Alternatively, if you have a large open space between rooms, then adding an internal bifold door can help create separation between the rooms.

Folding doors make rooms appear larger. When fully opened, folding doors create a large seamless transition into nearby rooms. Where standard swinging doors will typically have a smaller doorframe and a door, which takes up floor and wall space.

Folding doors add value to your property. Because of the benefits (and aesthetic) that they offer, your house value may go up if you choose to install folding doors.

Benefits that Internal Bifold Doors Offer

Internal bifold doors specifically have the benefit of saving wall space. Because the panels are folded against the door frame, rather than against a wall, you free up wall space to hang accessories, photos, or shelves (i.e. You can finally hang that Dwain Johnson poster that’s been sitting against the wall in your closet).

Internal bifold doors fold along a track, making them easy to slide open and close.

Benefits that Internal Folding French Doors Offer

French doors have the benefit of opening flush against the wall. Depending on the size of your door opening, this may take up more space than necessary. This is where folding french doors come in.

Folding french doors will take up significantly less wall space than standard french doors. The door itself is made from panels that are smaller than a standard door, which can fold into each other before being folded against the wall. This takes up significantly less floor and wall space than two large doors.

They will also create a more seamless transition into nearby rooms than an internal bifold door would. Open folding french doors will sit flush against the wall, taking the doors completely out of the walkway.

Final Thoughts: Which door to choose?

Now that we have a better understanding of the two doors, which one should you choose? This depends on a couple things

Do you want to have more wall space? Then a bifold door will fit your needs. The accordion-style folding will keep the doors within the doorframe. Leaving the wall space next to the doorframe available.

Do you enjoy the aesthetic of french doors, but want more space? Then folding french doors are what you’re looking for. Get all the benefits of a large doorway and enjoy the look of your doors folded against the wall, but with more versatility and space when folding.

At Aspire Doors, we offer a variety of options when choosing your doors. Our internal folding french doors come in four colours, white, unfinished oak, finished oak, and black. With various options for window panes (both clear and frosted), and the number of panels. Our internal bifold doors come in an extensive variety of ranges that can be explored on our site.

Want to learn more about internal folding french doors? Start here!



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