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How To Child Proof Your Internal Folding French Doors

Folding French doors are an excellent way to have spacious and fluid living spaces while providing you with the means to close off your areas for privacy. They also allow you to increase the flow of natural light and ventilation throughout your home. Additionally, they increase the design within your home by adding a touch of elegant class to the surrounding space.

The above sounds ideal, right? Well, it is, but it can become pretty tricky when you have children. Children are inquisitive from a young age, and things that seem obscure to them are things that they must touch, smell, and play with.

Internal folding French doors can easily be baby-proofed to ensure the safety of your little one’s fingers and toes. In this article, we’re going to show you the best ways for you to keep your child safe when they finally decide that the time has come to start interacting with internal doors.

How Do You Child Proof an Internal Folding French Door?

There are a number of ways you can help make your folding French doors safer for your children. The best way for your home will depend on what you are most concerned about happening, the age of your children and how much you are willing to change the appearance of your doors.

Preventing Your Child from Using the Folding French Door

Now, this may seem like an obvious one, but it’s the one that will be most effective in protecting your child.

Naturally, children are curious. They want to climb up things, pull things down, jump on things, and open things they shouldn’t. While there is nothing wrong with this, if your child has begun their phase of grabbing everything that they can, it’s probably a good time for you to show them the dangers that behold them from opening and closing doors, and swinging on door handles.

We know parents have eyes in the back of their heads, but with doors, make sure all eyes are on them. It’s a horrific experience, for the child and the parent when the wails of pain from little trapped fingers start flowing.

Closing or Locking Your Internal Folding French Door

When you close off your door, it’s a good idea to take the extra step and lock it. As with most internal doors, yours may not have a lock. In this case, we’d suggest you purchase an inexpensive lock that can be easily drilled onto the surface of the door. No need for lock and keys, unless, of course, you want to. You sound also consider installing shootbolts. What you must remember is that there is no quick fix; the lock that you choose will be on the door for a few years to come.

If you usually have your folding French doors open, consider installing a hook latch. Screw a latch to the wall and a hook to your door. You can then secure the door whenever you have it open. Make sure you attach this out of reach of little hands as this method is only effective if they can’t unhook it.

Install a Slam Proof Device To Your Internal Folding French Door

With a quick Google, we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you, and that is within your budget. 

What we mean by “slam proof”, is to secure a device to the sections of the door where the two doors meet – or, where little fingers will get trapped. The easiest and inexpensive way to do this is to attach foam to your door. If your child does end up playing with the door and traps their fingers, the foam will act as a barrier and will either completely prevent the door from closing, or will cause very minimal pain to your little one. The outcome depends on how thick you can go with the foam.

Child Proofing Internal Folding French Doors with Glass Inserts

So, the idea of this is pretty scary, but we have two solutions to prevent damage being caused by glass inserts.

  1. Although your glass inserts are incredibly tough, the idea of a child running into it isn’t all that pleasant. If your glass is hard to notice – say, it’s a frosted glass pane – then we’d advise that you make it stand out a bit more. Maybe put some bright stickers on it. Or, for Christmas all year round, you can decorate the glass insert frames with strip LED lights to keep them illuminated.
  2. This next one probably won’t look as pretty as the above, but it’ll definitely do the job. Cover the glass with a soft object. By this, we’re referring to the foam point mentioned above. You can purchase foam and adhere it to the glass. This will keep your child and the glass protected should an accident occur.

The idea of childproofing your home is one that a lot of adults dread having to do; however, it doesn’t have to be unsightly or costly. There are many things that you can do to protect young children without incurring any major DIY costs. The end result will give you a much calmer and safer environment.



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