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Types of Internal Folding French Doors


Internal folding french doors are a great option for anyone who wants to create an open and inviting space in their home. The aesthetic of french doors has been a popular choice for decades because of the space-saving aspect, and the convenience of having a seamless transition from room to room. 

When embarking on your own internal folding french door journey, you’ll want to make a few decisions about the type of door you choose. Depending on your budget, space, and the look you’re going for, you may find that different options suit your needs!

Here at Aspire, we offer a variety of choices for your folding french door needs. Let’s dive into a few of them

Type of Material

The type of material you choose will depend on your budget and the aesthetics of your home. 

White Softwood

White softwood is a popular choice for anyone with a minimalistic style. The benefits of this material are that it is easy to maintain and clean, and can be painted over whenever you begin to feel like adding more colour to your life.

Unfinished Oak

Unfinished oak is another great option for your home. Unfinished oak allows you the option to keep the natural colour of the wood, or stain and wax the wood to your liking. This is a great option for anyone who loves a DIY project.

Finished Oak

If you’d rather leave the staining to the professionals, then our finished oak doors are what you’re looking for. These come in a beautiful light oak colour that will fit with most styles. 

Black Softwood

Finally, our black softwood offers a sleek modern look to any household. Supplied in a flawless matte black paint, these doors create a statement. 


Glass Panes

Almost as important as the door, is the glass panes that you choose. By adding glass panes to your doors, you allow for natural light to flood into areas of the house that would otherwise be dark when the doors are closed. 

There are a few options to consider when choosing glass panes for your door. 


How many panes?

Here at Aspire, we offer folding french doors with two glass door options; four panel and one panel. 

The choice between the two will purely depend on the aesthetic that you’re going for. Single panel glass doors will allow more light to come through and provide a seamless look. While

four-panel glass doors can match the solid four-panel doors in your home. This is an ideal choice if you’d like to keep the same style door, but would like to add additional natural light to a room.

Frosted or clear?

Again, this will depend on the aesthetic that you’re going for. Clear glass will allow for more light to come through the door, while frosted glass offers more privacy between rooms when the doors are closed. 

Frosted glass would be ideal if your folding french doors lead to a room used as a guest room, a bathroom, a home office, or anywhere else that you may want some extra light, but need more privacy than clear glass offers.


Number of Panels

The final choice you’ll have to make when purchasing a folding french door is the number of panels that your door will have. 

A typical french door will have two panels that open in the centre and fold flush against the wall. Folding french doors, on the other hand, will have at least three panels. 

A three-panel folding french door has the benefit of just using the middle door while keeping the two side doors static. This way you can use your french door as a standard door until you’d like to open up the space more by using the side doors.

Using more panels can add the benefit of saving wall space. The more panels used, the smaller they are – which means less space is taken on the wall when fully open.


Final Thoughts

Finding the right internal door for your living area can feel like running a marathon. Between choosing materials, glass panes, the placement of your door, and even the type of door itself, the process can be overwhelming and exhausting. But getting that perfect door fitted and installed makes it all worth the effort. 

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