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Aspire Doors Collection: External Doors with Glass

Aluminium Bifold DoorsExternal doors can add a stylistic touch to the exterior of your house, add glass to that door and you receive the indoor benefit of added natural light as well! Not only do they add to the style of a home, but they can also provide some functional benefits as well!

At Aspire Doors, we offer a range of beautiful external doors that feature glass windows – also called glazed doors. We’ll be exploring some of those below, alongside discussing some of the benefits of external doors that feature glass panes.

Benefits of a Glass Glazed Door

Glazed doors are a great addition to any home. Advances in glazed external doors have meant that glass no longer poses the thermal insulation issues or security issues that it may have before.

Some of the many advantages of glazed doors include:

1. Natural Lighting

Glazed doors allow natural light to enter your home. This can brighten up living spaces and create a welcoming atmosphere in the front room. Worried about people seeing into your home? Frosted glass provides natural light as well as privacy!

2. Energy Efficiency

Many glazed external doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Glazed doors provide an excellent amount of thermal insulation that will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Aesthetics

One of the most obvious benefits of glazed external doors is their aesthetics. Glazed doors are beautiful and provide homeowners with a light and welcoming interior. External glazed doors can come with different types of glass, depending on your choice of style; from single full glass doors to frosted glass panes to bifold glass doors, there’s a style to suit every look!

4. Low Maintenance

Glazed doors are surprisingly low maintenance as well! You’ll find that the glass is easy to clean, doesn’t require any special treatments or paints, and will last years with the proper door maintenance.

5. Strength

Many homeowners are nervous to use delicate-looking glass on an exterior door. The possibility of breaking it might just seem too high. Luckily the advancements in glass-making technology have made glass much less likely to break. By heating the glass to high temperatures and chemically treating the glass, manufacturers have created “toughened glass”. Toughened glass is tougher and more weather resistant than regular glass, making it a great choice for external doors.

Limitations of a Glazed Door

While glazed doors do have loads of benefits, it’s always important to consider the limitations as well. This can give you a well-rounded view of glazed external doors, and help you make an informed decision as to whether to include them in your renovation.

Glass can be a target for intruders, who may notice the glass from the road and see an easy break-in. Though, as mentioned above, toughened glass provides exceptional strength compared to standard glass. This toughened glass is difficult to break, ensuring that your front door stays closed and your home stays safe.

Privacy can also be an issue when it comes to glass doors. because of this, glass doors are more often used for back gardens. Though there are also options to choose frosted glass panes for your front doors, allowing you to benefit from the light and avoid any nosy neighbours!


The Many Different Types of Glass Doors

At Aspire, we offer an extensive range of glass-glazed external doors in a variety of styles! If you’re in the market for a new external door, then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re choosing a new front door and would like more light to shine through the back doors, you’re sure to find a glazed external door to suit your style and needs!

Single Doors

Grey Linear Glazed Front Doors - InstalledWestminster Unfinished Oak Glazed External Front Door - Installed

Our range of single-glazed doors includes a choice for everyone! We have styles that range from a fully glazed door to frosted panels, to a stained glass look. Our Westminster Glazed Unfinished Oak Door comes with a beautiful stained glass style window. Or if you’re looking for something more modern, our Holma Glazed door in grey is another great option.

Sliding Doors

Exceed Grey Sliding Patio Doors 1

Sliding doors make great back doors. If you have a private garden, you won’t have to worry about anybody peeking in, allowing you to take full advantage of the natural lighting. Our glazed sliding door is perfect for this purpose. Taking up a full wall for windows, our aluminium Exceed range allows the maximum amount of natural light into your property

French Doors

2000mm Revere White French - OpenGrey French Doors1800mm Horizon Unfinished French Doors - Internal Shot

Increasingly becoming more popular, French doors can be a great addition to any property. Glazed french doors not only allow for doors to pivot completely open but also allow natural light to spill into the room when closed. Our range of external French doors can be found in uPVC, engineered softwood, with a pine veneer, and an oak veneer, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a door that suits your style.

Folding Doors

3600mm Icon Oak Part Q Compliant 5+0 Bifold Doors - External4800mm Icon White 5+1 Bifold Doors - Open 1800mm 3+0 Black Industrial Bifolds - Open

Want a larger opening between the garden and your home, but don’t want to take up extra space? A folding door would suit your needs perfectly. You’ll find that our folding doors range in material from wood to Upvc to aluminium and are the perfect addition to your garden patio.

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