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Door Hardware Trends for 2022

With a new year comes new interior design styles. In an ever-growing world of inspiration, interior design enthusiasts are forever finding new ways to implement door hardware into upcoming trends. 

Door Handles

The door handle is the most apparent part of any door. As the functional part of operating a door, it is the first and last thing to be noticed. Our door handles have never seen as much use as they have over the last few years, and we’re starting to notice how grimy and outdated they are.

If you’re looking to change up the look of your internal doors, here are some modern ways to update your doorknobs and handles.

Mixing Materials and Finishes

The most apparent use of mixed finishes is in the kitchen. Using one finish for the upper cabinets, and a different for the lower cabinets has become popular during 2021. It’s only going to increase over 2022.

This mixing of interior design inspiration adds a level of intrigue and personality to your cabinet door hardware. The mixing of colours allows you to incorporate a wider palette into your kitchen decor, leaving room for more creative exploration.

Be mindful of the colours you use to avoid creating a clashing effect. You want vibrant complements and not loud arguments. Mixing black finishes and copper finishes for your cabinet doors can create a subtle yet striking contrast that complements your other kitchen hardware.

Once you have found the desired style of door handle, you will find that they generally come in different finishes. This is another way that you can mix and match the look of your handles without worrying about a disjointed look.

Oversized Handles

One design inspiration that came from 2021 is the use of oversized handles. Having your door hardware speak for the rest of your decor is prominent in today’s home design. Popular in modern and traditional home styles, the longer pull adds drama to the door, making it appear bigger and heavier than it is. This false sense of grandeur can add a larger sense of traditionalism to the home.

Intended to make a large space even larger, an oversized door handle can improve the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. 2021 has seen the popularity of oversized handles rise in more modern homes, and that will just continue in 2022.

door hardware, Door Hardware Trends for 2022 Photo by Krzysztof Hepner on Unsplash

Door Furniture

Door furniture has seen an increase in embellished finishes. With sleeker, sturdy materials gaining popularity in modern home decor, it’s no surprise to see some of these door hardware trends picking up.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has gained popularity in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Its sleek finish allows for larger, more open rooms to reflect more light. Paired with a neutral colour scheme of greys, whites, and blacks, stainless steel can give your rooms a uniquely clean sheen.

2. Copper

Copper door hardware has become increasingly popular in home decor. This metal pairs well with either dark or bright neutral colours to create a striking contrast. A copper door handle can add some well-defined features to an otherwise bland room. You need not worry about any loud decor features with copper hinges and handles.

3. Brass

A timeless classic in traditional homes, brass hardware is not going anywhere in 2022 home decor. Paired great with quality hardwood white doors, they do not detract from the intricate details of the door panels.

door hardware, Door Hardware Trends for 2022 Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

Quality Door Accessories at Aspire Doors

Now you’re ready to modernise your home to 2021’s standards, it’s important to find the best quality door accessories for your interior decor.

With delivery available to all of UK mainland, we’ll have your doors delivered within 5 working days.


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