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A Guide to Dinner Party Etiquette

Are you planning on hosting a dinner party? Do you regularly have guests around for dinner? Or perhaps you’ve been invited to a dinner party and you don’t know what to expect or how to act?

Check out our infographic below that will give you all of the right and wrong things to do when hosting or visiting a dinner party; whether that be with your friends, business associates or whomever.

, A Guide to Dinner Party Etiquette

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Etiquette for the Host:

You should always plan your menu well in advance, and have a theme if possible. Consider the season when planning; lighter foods (such as soup) are great in the summer whereas meals like stews and roasts are more popular in the winter.

Make sure your table is well set; iron the tablecloth, polish the silverware, and leave glassware absolutely sparkling.

Be sure to entertain your guests when they arrive, and only offer pre-dinner cocktails if there’s going to be at least a one hour wait until food is served. Remember: during dinner, guests should never have to ask for a refill.

For your meal, never serve heavy or spicy dishes back-to-back, and, likewise, don’t serve successive sweet dishes either.

And remember: internal bi-folding doors always look fantastic at a dinner party or when inviting guests to your house!

Etiquette for the Guests:

When attending a dinner party, you should always bring a gift for your host. Ensure that it’s personal if you know the host, but always present it discreetly.

When sitting at the table, you should always have both feet firmly on the floor – do not have your legs crossed. Unfold your napkin, place it on your knee, and wait patiently to be served.

Always work from the outside in on your cutlery when served with each course. When holding your drink, always hold the glass by the stem – never leave fingerprints or lip-prints.

Be sure to always talk about cheerful, pleasant topics, and ensure that all compliments about the food are gracious but not over-the-top.

Want seconds? Don’t be scared to accept seconds if offered, but only after everyone has been served once.

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