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How to Fit a Door Handle

an old wooden door painted red. the photo is a close up of the door handle - which is a dark chrome colour.Getting new door handles for your home can be exciting! Knowing how to fit a door handle yourself can save you loads of time and money when doing home renovations! Learn how to fit a door handle by following our simple guide.

What Is the Difference Between External and Internal Door Handles?

While both external and internal doors serve the purpose of separating different areas of the house, external doors have the added job of keeping intruders out of the house. That’s why on external door handles you’ll typically see a heavy-duty lock of some sort. Internal door handles will usually have fewer parts and be simpler to install.

What Tools Do I need to Fit a Door Handle?

  • tape measure
  • dust sheets
  • masking tape
  • drill bit
  • door wedge

How to Measure for a Door Handle

To install a door handle, you’ll have to measure and mark where the parts will go.

First, measure about 100cm from the floor using a tape measure and mark this spot on the door. This will be where the door handle is installed. Alternatively, you can measure the other door handles in your house to ensure that you install your door handle evenly.

You’ll also have to measure the strike plate. Do this once the door handle has been installed by marking where the latch will sit on the doorframe when the door is closed. You can then trace the strike place around that mark to ensure you carve out the proper size.

How to Remove a Door Handle

Removing a door handle is simple. All you need is a screwdriver. Begin by unscrewing the screws on the faceplate. Then unscrew any screws holding the door handles to the door. You should be able to pull the door handles through the spindle holes. Your door is now ready to have the new door handle installed!

a diagram of a door latch and door handles.

How to Install a Door Latch and Door Handle

If you’re preparing to fit a door handle in a new door, you’ll have to prepare to drill holes into the door and the door frame. A brand new door will have to have the door handle installed according to standard UK regulations.

Door wedges will come in handy here to keep the door in place.

Once measured, you can follow the instructions that came with your door handles. Use a drill to make pilot holes. This will be where the door knobs are eventually placed. Use the previously drilled pilot holes as guides to drill holes large enough for the door handles. You’ll then use a drill bit to drill a hole into the narrow side of the door and a wood chisel hammer to cut out a portion of the door so that the faceplate fits flush against the door.

You’ll then want to place the door handles into the two spindle holes, making sure that they sit parallel to the ground, and screw them and the face plate into place.

To install the strike plate, put lipstick on the end of the latch, close the door, and allow the handle to close. Open the door and you should see a mark on the door frame. This is where the strike plate will be installed. Using your chisel, create a hole in the doorframe and screw the striker plate into place. Check that the latch fits into the hole with the door closed.

Luckily if you’re just replacing an old door handle, the job is much easier. Use the holes previously drilled and fit the new handles into the door. Use a screwdriver to secure the handles in place and screw the faceplate on. You’ll most likely not need to touch the strike plate in this case, unless that has been damaged.


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