Further information about Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Internal Bi-fold doors: Glazed or solid panels

We offer a wide range of internal bifold doors to perfectly suit your homes needs. As well as being space-saving, our bifold doors can brighten up your room with glazing or help you maintain your privacy with solid panels.

Glazing options for your bifold doors

We offer both clear glass and frosted glass options across our internal bifold doors range. Some customers prefer frosted glass as it gives the privacy of a solid bifold door, like the Repute Primed Frosted internal bi-fold door. Frosted glass doesn't let in as much natural light as clear glazing, but it will still help your room feel brighter and airier.

Clear glazing options, like the Vision Primed internal bi-fold door, let in lots of natural light and will help your space feel bigger, even when the doors are closed.

Solid panel options for your bifold doors

While, traditionally, bifold doors make use of large glass panels, some customers prefer a solid bifold door, such as the Vision Primed 4 Panel. This gives you more privacy when you require it with the option to open your living space when you want to.

Internal Bi-fold Doors: Unfinished, Primed & Pre-Finished

Depending on how much additional time you want to spend on your internal bi-fold door, our doors are available in a range of finishes.

Unfinished internal doors

Unfinished internal doors, like the Repute Unfinished 4 Light, has no lacquer or paint. The wood is completely bare, ready for you to add your own finish too. They're excellent if you have a very specific colour scheme you want to use in your living room, or wherever you hang your new internal bi-fold door.

White Primed internal doors

You can also choose white primed bi-fold doors, like the Repute Primed 4 Light, which are professionally primed so you can finish painting them at home. This gives you an even coat on which you can add your finishing colour.

Pre-finished internal doors

A pre-finished bi-fold door is ready to be hanged as soon as it's delivered like the Vision Finished 4 Light. These offer the most convenience but the least flexibility on colour.

Top Hung Vs Top and Bottom track: Which style of internal bifold doors is better?

There are two ways to hang your bi-fold doors.

Top track only bi-folding doors only have a track along the top of the door frame, which your bi-folding doors will use to open and close. This style of hanging is preferred by many because it allows you to have seamless flooring between rooms.

Top and bottom track systems will have a track along the top and bottom of your internal bi-folding doors. While this means you can't have seamless flooring between rooms, it does offer more stability for your folding doors.

What other types of internal doors are there?

Internal bifold doors are incredibly popular as thanks to their concertina doors folding method, they're great at space-saving and look incredible. However, you may be wondering what other kinds of internal folding doors there are!

For homes that love the look of a traditional french door but need to prioritising space, you should explore our folding french doors. French folding door sets are able to fold back a full 180 degrees when opened so they can sit flush against the wall.

For a more traditional design, we offer many french doors. French doors have maintained their popularity for their timeless style.

We also have many traditional internal single doors. Our entire range is designed to complement our french and bi-fold doors.

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Internal bifold doors are a great way of injecting some character and charm into your home. Due to their unique construction, they can act as a removable transition between rooms. They can be extremely wide, which means that they’re able to fit a variety of gaps. If you’re decorating a new or existing home, bifold doors are the perfect addition. Whilst adding increased natural light flow, these beautiful doors can invite the sense of spaciousness into your home. Look no further than interior bifold doors for increasing your home's value.
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If you’re looking for a practical way to add some space into your interior, then you’ll find that bi-fold doors offer an excellent means of doing so.  These folding doors consist not of a single body of wood, but of several panels adjoined by hinges.  Each panel is attached to a rail in the floor […]
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Bi-fold doors offer a fantastic way to expand the interior of your home.  With such an enormous opening separating one room from another, you’ll effectively create a single larger living space – one that can be easily broken down into two separate ones. Internal bi-folds are a popular choice for dividing kitchens from dining areas, and […]
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Bi-fold doors are a fantastic way to make an interior feel more spacious.  Made from a concertina of wooden panels that slide along a rail, they’ve proven exceptionally popular in recent years. Choosing bi-fold door handles is an important part of choosing a bi-fold door.  Handles play an important cosmetic role, of course – you’ll […]
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South East UK 4
Because our range of internal bi folding doors are so adaptable and varied, the exact cost of them can get lost in the planning and designing. It’s hard to say your set of internal bi folds will cost X when there are many variables to consider.
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Internal bifold doors can seem a bit scary if you’re not familiar with them. Not in the sense that they give you a fright, but the prospect of measuring for them, purchasing the right size and style, and then installing them – yeah, it’s scary. It’s not a standard process like it is with your […]
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As we’re getting more DIY-savvy, a lot of people are beginning to install their internal bifold doors themselves. But how do you do that? If you’re a competent DIY-er and want to save a bit of extra cash, installing bifold doors yourself is the way to go; and we’re here to help.
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How Do You Fix An Internal Bi-fold Door?  A professionally installed, fully finished internal bifold door should stay smooth and easy to open for years. Of course, sometimes things do go wrong. Particularly if your bifold door wasn’t aligned correctly when it was installed or the door wasn’t finished properly.  These problems are usually very […]
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Black Aluminium Bi Fold Doors In A Kitchen
Internal bi-fold door systems are an eternally popular door choice and it’s easy to see why. They are a simple way to open up your home, making it a happy, sunny place where energy and light flow together. They can also make the high traffic spaces of family homes easier to navigate. Especially when your arms are full of clothes, toys or food. The decision to install a bi-folding door system might be an obvious one, but once it’s made there are plenty of other choices you still need to settle.
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Some people have very fixed ideas about where they should use bifold doors. They are often considered purely an external door, a way to open your home to your garden and allow fresh air to flow into your living space. But this misses many of the wonderful benefits of bifold doors. They make an incredible choice for internal doors as well. They can help you draw together a living room and dining room, a bedroom and an ensuite, even a conservatory and a kitchen, to help your home feel lighter, brighter and bigger.
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