Internal Folding French Doors

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Folding French doors are an excellent way to have spacious and fluid living spaces while providing you with the means to close off your areas for privacy. They also allow you to increase the flow of natural light and ventilation throughout your home. Additionally, they increase the design within your home by adding a touch […]
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Cleaning internal folding French doors is much the same as cleaning regular internal doors. As long as you’re aware of what you can and can’t use on specific materials, cleaning your internal doors shouldn’t cause you any issues. The difference between internal single doors and internal folding French doors is that folding French doors typically […]
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3 Door White Primed 4 Light Frosted Folding French Doors - Open
Internal folding French doors can be used for a variety of purposes; an internal door; wardrobe and cupboard doors; room dividers. You can see from this list that the uses of a folding French door fall under the same category of: door. However, there are slight variations to these uses. In this article, we’re going […]
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