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What Are Internal Folding French Doors?

Internal folding French doors can be used for a variety of purposes; an internal door; wardrobe and cupboard doors; room dividers. You can see from this list that the uses of a folding French door fall under the same category of: door. However, there are slight variations to these uses. In this article, we’re going to find out exactly what are folding French doors, and how they can be used around the home.

What Are Internal Folding French Doors?

Folding French doors take the advantages of French doors and the advantages of bifold doors and pair them together.

Folding French doors have a central opening point; much like standard French internal and external doors. However, the doors have a 180-degree pivot. This pivot allows the door panels to open completely flush against the adjacent walls. And, by installing hooks, you can secure the doors to the wall to prevent them from falling closed.

As you can probably tell by the description, there’s so many uses and benefits to internal French folding doors.

What Are the Uses of Internal Folding French Doors?

Internal folding French doors are a modern way to replace your standard internal doors. As long as you have the wall space for the extra door panel, folding French doors should be on your list of “internal doors to consider”.

Internal folding French doors can also be used in modern homes to keep rooms separate but still in keeping with its open-plan design.

What Are the Benefits of Internal Folding French Doors?

The main benefit of an internal folding French door is the way you can separate and open up spaces effortlessly. By design, folding French doors allow you to open both doors 180-degrees from their centre point. As the doors sit flush against the wall, you can massively open up your interior space – and keep it that way the majority of the time if you wish!

Having the option to open up your space, without the intrusion of 2 doors taking up space of the internal room, is a massive bonus for modern internal doors. It also vastly improves the flow of your interior design by allowing rooms to blend together whilst also being a separate entity.

However, a brilliant benefit of folding french doors is on the days when you do need separation and privacy between rooms. With this type of door, you can fully close the doors to get that separation. You can even create a traffic door using shoot bolts.

Internal folding French doors allow natural light and ventilation to flow throughout your home. Even when closed, folding French doors are predominantly glass-panelled, this allows natural light into the home without losing heat to other areas of your house.

Internal folding French doors are becoming more common in modern interior design. The benefits of them are threefold, all while adding a beautiful elegance to your home’s interior. Take a look at our range of internal folding French doors today.


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