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Alternatively, if you have a specific colour for your doors in mind, apply your chosen paint or stain to one of our unfinished ranges to achieve a bespoke addition to your internal space.

Our internal bi-fold ranges offer two different methods of operation: the Repute ranges with a bottom track, and the Visions ranges without one, each having its own benefits. Not having a bottom track means a truly seamless connection from room to room, allowing flooring to run interrupted throughout. Choosing a set with a bottom track means it’ll have greater stability and a smoother movement, so it truly depends on the requirements of your interior design. If you go for the bottom-tracked Repute, you can always opt to recess the sill and track into the floor for a cleaner join between each room.

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Unfinished Oak 4 Light Single Internal Door With Clear Glass
In most homes, internal doors are single wooden doors that use a hinge mechanism, allowing them to open and shut effortlessly. However, you can completely alter your space by installing a different type of internal door, whether that be the material that you use or the style. Wall-length doors and bifold doors are a trendy […]
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Whether you’re replacing old internal doors, installing new doors, or you simply want to spruce the place up a bit, painting your internal doors is a great choice. External doors need a lot of maintenance compared to internal doors; however, internal doors take a look of abuse from foot traffic – maybe even more so […]
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When deep cleaning a home, the main things that come to mind are de-dusting the countertops, hoovering or mopping the floors, and changing the bedding. Internal doors often don’t get a second thought. We pass through them multiple times a day but we don’t tend to think about them when cleaning the home. This is […]
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Hardware for internal doors is just as important as the door itself. After all, how are you going to open the door without a handle? The hardware that you choose for your door needn’t be expensive, but good quality hardware far outweighs the cheaper options. You can save a few pennies by purchasing an inexpensive […]
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