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Dressing French Doors in Your Home

So you’ve got a set of French doors. Congratulations, your taste is officially impeccable and they look amazing. And whilst a set of French doors are more than enough by themselves, you can spruce them up even more with things like transoms, sidelights, curtains and blinds. 

In this post, we’re going to be sharing some French door dressing inspiration to get those interior design juices flowing in your mind and you can think about how to have your new set of external French doors looking amazing. 

What Are the Best External French Door Dressing Ideas?

Your external French doors could be in a variety of rooms, and there are certain styles of window dressing that naturally lend themselves to a certain look or different rooms of the house.

Without further ado, here are some French door dressing ideas for you to think about.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a good choice for French doors because of their large block size, you can opt for some striking patterns that add a new dimension to the room when it’s dark, and you don’t fancy looking out into the pitch black. Choosing a pattern or colour well will make your French doors just as enjoyable to look at in the evening and night than it is looking out of them during the day.

They make a good choice for the dining room, you can easily adjust the blinds so your diners aren’t getting glare in their eyes, but they also work well in a busy family room. If there are children running in and out of the doors, the roller blinds are tucked away neatly at the top, so don’t worry about them getting trod on, or any little ones tripping on them.

Vertical Blinds 

These blinds go really well with a set of external French doors,particularly in the kitchen. Vertical blinds tend to match the bright colours of the kitchen well, are fantastic for filtering light. They’re very versatile so these will go well on any set of French doors, internal or external, in any room of the house. Because they are generally supplied in block colours, just make sure they complement the rest of the room.

Blackout Curtains

These are a really good option if you have external French Doors in your lounge or bedroom. Whilst it’s unlikely you have a pair of French doors in your bedroom,  you’ll definitely want some blackout curtains or you’ll never have a lie in again. 

Because blackout curtains are opaque they generally come in deep and often dark colours. Make sure that this is going to look good with the rest of the room. For example a single panel of a dark blackout curtain your French doors can contrast really well with bright, or white walls. 

Asymmetrical Curtains

This is often achieved by installing a single panel curtain. The asymmetrical look is being adopted in more and more modern and contemporary homes as it feeds into a minimalist home design and also gives that air of being effortlessly stylish. 

Venetian Blinds

If you have completely clear glass panels on your french doors, you may want to get some blinds that are installed over the panels within the actual door rather than covering the whole door. These are good for any room in the house, especially where privacy is needed or light needs filtering such as the bedroom or dining room.   

Transoms & Sidelights for External French Doors

It’s not just the curtains or blinds that help make a French door look complete. But you can also go for some optional extras at the installation stage of the process to make your doors look bigger, feel bigger and let more natural light come cascading into the home.

A transom is a glass panel that is installed above and more, generally with the idea of letting more light in. You can opt for a plain transom window, or go for a pattern or stained/frosted glass one. This just gives you an opportunity to be more expressive in your home design, and they can have quite a revelatory effect in a  room. 

Sidelights are also glass panels that would be installed either side of the French doors. They don’t open themselves, but they make the doors look wider and well, they are wider. They’ll let more light in and make the set of doors look more expansive. You could also opt to get these in a matching stained/frost glass pattern to your transom window for a really satisfying entryway to the home. 

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