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How to Paint an External Bi-Fold Door

Finely painted doors are things of beauty; a simple lick of paint can change the look of your home in an instant. When looking at your doors from the outside or in, a well painted external door set can be the subtle difference that makes visitors or passers-by look on in admiration. 

If you'd like to re-energise your doors or you just fancy a change of style, read on below and see how you can paint your external bi-fold doors.

What you will need:

-          Paintbrush

-          Primer

-          Paint

-          A dust sheet / old bed sheets

-          A damp cloth

-          Screwdriver


How long will it take?

Time for preparing the doors can vary, but each coat of primer or paint should take no longer than half an hour to apply. However, you must follow the paint manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure each layer is completely dry before you put on another coat. The final coat must be touch dry before you hang your door in its frame or tracks.

Ensure you have ventilation and that the door will have no chance of children or pets touching it.



1)      Adjusting to temperatures: Ensure you leave it lying flat on the floor in the room where it will hang for at least a couple of days, so that it can acclimatise to the temperature and humidity. This helps to reduce the chances of problems occurring as a result of shrinkage or expansion, which is explained in further detail in our explanation of solid vs. engineered external bi-fold doors.


2)      Preparing the door: Put each door down flat onto an area that you’ve covered with your dust sheet (or old bed sheets!). Clean them using a damp cloth to ensure they’re free of dust and dirt, because this could prove a problem when you come to start painting.


3)      Take your primer and apply a coat to one side of each door, leaving it to dry completely. Once dry, turn them round and apply the primer to the other side.


4)      Once your primer has been applied and dried, you’re now ready to apply two coats of paint to one side of your doors, allowing them to dry completely between and after. When painting, ensure you paint in the direction of the grain and remember to paint the top of the bottom edges. Again, flip them over and repeat the process for the other side.


5)      After you’ve finished painting, follow the fitting instructions supplied with your doors to complete your installation. If you can’t find your instructions, please check the product page for your product where you will find a downloadable version.


This is quite a long process, but it’s more than worth it once you’re finished. Ensure you follow the process carefully and you’ll end up with a door that you’re proud of. Don’t rush, and always ensure the door is completely dry before you need to touch it.

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