TripIlladvisor: The Movie Properties You’re Dying to Stay At

Are you looking to get away to somewhere a little different this summer, but want to avoid investing your hard-earned cash in something that turns out to be a total nightmare?

If completely make-believe holidays are for you, then you’ll absolutely love this. We’ve managed to round up the most killer homes from the movie world, and all are available for you to imagine stopping at.


We are altering the deal, pray we do not alter it any further. New price: 2,300,000 Galactic Credits.

We find your lack of interest disturbing.




This beautiful property in the heart of Gotham will have you smiling with joy – no joke. Absolutely no sign of luxury external bi-fold doors here.




Professionals only – no CSS accepted, sorry.




This delightful detached property will leave you with no orc-ward neighbour conflicts.




Perfect if you’re looking to exterminate all but the dalek race, this is the one home that you’ll love every moment of hating.




This Gryffindorable property will have you Hogwanting more, with plenty of activities to get your Ravenclaws into and first-class customer service if you ever get yourself into a Hufflepuff. Ergh, sorry.




Magneto’s property has an electric atmosphere and a cosy, retirement feel to it – you’ll want to stick around for years to come.


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