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All the “Official” Trump Towers – and one unofficial one ;)

Ah, Mr Trump. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of him. If not, Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America, and well, he isn’t a very popular man…

Despite his current role as President of the United States of America, Trump’s career actually began in real estate, working for his father, Fred Trump. Fred owned a very successful real estate firm, building and selling houses for soldiers and their families in World War ll. Donald eventually took over the business, changed its name to The Trump Organization, and mostly dealt with estate investments for large apartment buildings and the Federal Housing Administration.

Almost 10 years later, Trump teamed up with the Holiday Inn, Corp., and developed a multimillion hotel and casino complex. From here, Trump soared, and now owns 12 towers under the Trump brand.

But as many of you might know, all is not as it seems in the world of Trump Towers.

While researching the real story of the Trump Real Estate Corporation, we discovered an additional 3 buildings that were either never started, cancelled or weren’t even going to be a ‘thing’.


, All the “Official” Trump Towers – and one unofficial one ;)

Trump Tower NYC

Trump Tower in New York City are Trump’s main headquarters. Construction of the skyscraper began in 1979 and today it contains apartments, offices, and shops. President Trump, and some of his family, are also known to reside in this building.

Facts About Trump Tower NYC:

  • The building stands at approx. 202m/663 feet
  • Has 58 floors
  • Opened in 1983
  • Cost $300 million
  • The architect/developer for the project was Der Scutt
  • Located in Manhattan, New York City, United States

Trump Towers, Istanbul

Trump Towers in Istanbul consists of 2 skyscrapers conjoined (hence the plural “towers”). One of the buildings is an office tower, and the other is residential.

Trump Towers Istanbul currently houses 200 residents, 80 shops, and a multiplex cinema.

Facts About Trump Towers Istanbul:

  • The height of the 2 buildings is approx 155m/509 feet
  • 1 of the towers has 39 floors, the other has 37 floors
  • Both towers were opened in 2010
  • Cost $300 million
  • The architect/developer for the project was Brigitte Weber Architectural Office
  • Located in Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey

Trump Towers Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Smaller than the previous buildings, Trump Towers in Florida are still a sight to behold thanks to the 3 identical towers and contemporary architecture. All the buildings consist solely of living accommodation, housing 271 units each.

Facts About Trump Towers Sunny Isles Beach, Florida:

  • All 3 towers sit at approx. 140.5m/461 feet high
  • There are 45 floors in each tower
  • All of the skyscrapers were opened in 2008
  • Cost $900 million
  • The architect/developer for the project was Dezer Properties
  • Located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, United States

Trump Tower White Plains, New York

Another one of Trump’s smaller skyscrapers is the Trump Tower White Plains. Construction began in 2003 and ended in 2005. This building is another accomodation-only skyscraper that upon opening, housed 212 redsidents.

Facts About Trump Tower White Plains, New York

Trump Towers Pune, India

This particular complex may have made our list, however the buildings are not owned or developed by The Trump Organization, nor has The Trump Organization funded this project.

Trump Towers Pune has an unpublic licensing deal with Trump which has given them the rights to use the name ‘Trump’ (hardly an unusual phenomenon).

Because of the unpublic nature of this deal, we’re limited with the details we can share, such as the cost, architects, and developers, but here are a few details for those interested in these 2 buildings.

Facts About Trump Towers Pune, India:

  • 2 buildings sitting at 87.93m high
  • 24 floors, all residential
  • The buildings were opened in 2016
  • Located in Pune, India

Trump Tower Manila, Philippines

Trump Tower Manila, or Trump Tower at Century City, is a residential building, and currently stands as the second-tallest building in the Philippines. Reservations for the rooms began in 2011, 6 years before the tower’s construction was completed!

Facts About Trump Towers Manila, Philippines:

  • The skyscraper sits at 280m/918.64 feet high
  • 57 floors of residential accommodation occupy the building
  • Opened in November of 2017
  • Cost $150 million
  • The architect/developer for this building was Broadway Malyan
  • Located in Metro Manila, Philippines

Trump World Tower, NYC

President Trump, and his partners, purchased a building in 1997. In ‘98  they demolished it and started to build Trump World Tower in ‘99. The skyscraper was completed 2 years later, in 2001.

Upon completion, it’s known that Trump purchased unused air rights from over 7 neighbouring low-rise properties.

Facts About Trump World Tower, NYC:

  • 262m/861 feet in height
  • 72 floors, all residential condominium
  • Opened in 2001
  • Cost $300 million
  • The architect/developer behind this build was Costas Kondylis & Partners LLP Architects, who also helped with the Trump Tower White Plains build
  • Located in Manhattan, New York City, United States

Trump Tower Punta del Este, Uruguay (not yet built)

A new tower to add to President Trump’s collection, the Trump Tower Punta del Este is currently under construction. Plans for the building were announced in 2012, with construction beginning in 2014. Under the watchful eye of Trump’s son, Eric Trump, the building is set to be completed in early 2020.

Facts about Trump Tower Punta del Este, Uruguay:

  • The building is estimated to stand at 85m/279 feet when completed
  • 26 floors have been announced, all for residential housing
  • It’s estimated to open at some point in 2020
  • Cost $120 million
  • Architect/developer working on the project is Dujovne-Hirsch & Associates
  • Located in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago

The Trump International Hotel and Tower sits proudly by the Chicago River. The skyscraper was, at first, announced as the tallest building in the world but due to the 9/11 attacks a few months later, Trump redesigned the building and it’s now the world’s fourth tallest.

Facts About Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago:

  • Sits at a whopping 423.20m high
  • Has 98 floors used for retail, parking, condominiums and a hotel
  • Opened its doors in 2009
  • Cost $847 million
  • Architect/developer of the build was Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
  • Located in Chicago, Illinois

Trump International Hotel and Tower, NYC

Similar to the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the NYC version also houses a combination of hotel rooms and residential housing. This skyscraper is far shorter and doesn’t have the retail space of its Chicago sibling, but it still sits proudly between Broadway and Central Park – one of the most sort after areas in New York.

Facts About Trump International Hotel and Tower, NYC:

  • 177.62m tall
  • Consists of 44 floors, used for residential condominium and a hotel
  • Originally opened in 1971, renovated by Trump, and reopened in 1997
  • Cost $230 million (renovation costs)
  • The original architect was Thomas E. Stanley, it was then renovated by Philip Johnson and Costas Kondylis
  • Located in Manhattan, New York City, United States

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower, Panama

This a bit of a juicy one… we’re sure Donald Trump was thrilled with the outcome of this building!

The Trump Organization ran this hotel and residential condominium under the name “Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower” for 7 years, until March 2018. At this time, a Cypriot businessman, Orestes Fintiklis, bought a majority stake in the tower and legally removed The Trump Organization from the tower. In 2015, Orestes had the name Trump removed from the building and, as recently as March 2018, had the Trump name removed from the hotel. The hotel was then renamed The Bahia Grand Panama.

Eek, bit of a blow for Donald Trump!

Facts About The Bahia Grand Panama:

  • Sits 293m high
  • 70 floors used for a hotel and residential housing
  • Opened in 2011
  • Cost $400 million
  • Architect/developer for the project was Arias Serna Saravia
  • Located in Panama City, Panama

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Vancouver

Another hotel and residential housing tower by The Trump Organization, construction on this beautiful tower in Canada started in 2012. Plans for the building began in 2009, however the project was temporarily cancelled in February 2009, with developers confirming the project would proceed in August of the same year.

Facts About The Trump International Hotel and Tower, Vancouver:

Trump Projects that Were Cancelled, Never Completed, or Never Started

Trump Towers, Rio

If this project was completed, Donald Trump would have been the proud owner of the “largest office complex in Brazil” award. Unfortunately the Trump Towers Rio was proposed and announced in 2012, with a five-tower office and mixed-use complex, but due to a lengthy wait in government approval, the project never started.

It’s been said that The Trump Organization is no longer involved with the project and a date for starting work on the site has not been confirmed.

Facts About So-Close-Yet-So-Far Trump Tower, Rio:

  • The 5 towers would have sat at approx. 150m high
  • 38 floors were proposed in all 5 towers
  • 2 of the buildings were expected to open in 2016, ahead of the city’s summer Olympics
  • Cost $2.5 billion
  • Architect/developer for this project was announced as Aflalo & Gasperini Arquitetos
  • (Would have been) located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Trump Tower, Tampa

This is a pretty simple one. Sadly, Trump Tower Tampa, which would have been visible from miles around, never commenced construction due to an economic collapse of the real estate market.

Facts About So-Close-Yet-So-Far Trump Tower, Tampa:

  • The tower would have been around 183m in height
  • 52 floors, all for residential condominium
  • Would have opened sometime in, or after, 2007
  • Cost $225 million
  • Architect/developer for this project was announced as Smith Barnes Santiesteban Architecture
  • (Would have been) located in Tampa, Florida, United States

Trump Tower, Moscow

Lastly, we have Trump Tower, Moscow. Officially, this project was never even a “thing”. In fact, just a few months ago, in November 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow.

Cohen lies:

  • The building would have been the tallest in Europe, at 1,516 feet
  • It would have consisted of 100 floors for residential housing and a hotel
  • Projected cost was more than $300 million
  • (Would have been) located in Moscow, Russia

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