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What is a shoot bolt?

What is a Shootbolt Locking System?

Shoot bolts, flush bolts, and finger bolts are a type of door hardware locking system that can be installed in both doors and windows. 

They’re often used on the edge of internal doors and are inluded with all of our internal bifold doors, and folding French doors. They’re perfect for locking an internal door in place, whether closed or open. 

Shoot bolts can be used with most timber doors and installed in most uPVC standard casement and flush window systems.

How do Shoot Bolts Work?


A shoot bolt is operated by connecting to a secondary piece of door hardware; either a gearbox or a lock. When the shoot bolt is operated, it pushes a small pin into a recess in the floor (or top of the doorframe) which holds the door securely in place. On external doors, shoot bolts are typically installed in addition to the standard locking system. They not only offer added security but can prevent the standard lock from bending over time with use.

They are more commonly used on internal doors to keep door leaves in place when open or closed. This is ideal for keeping doors from slamming shut on breezy days. 

What is the Difference Between a Shoot Bolt and a Flush Bolt?

Both shoot bolts and flush bolts lock a door in place using a recess on the floor. Though there are a couple of differences between the two locking systems.

While a shoot bolt typically needs to be connected to a secondary locking system to work, a flush bolt is an independent locking system which can be installed in a door and operated by manually pushing the pin down with your thumb on the side of the door. In addition, a flush bolt uses a long rod instead of a pin to lock into the recess.

What is a Window Shoot Bolt?

Window shoot bolts offer the same locking mechanism as standard shoot bolts, but are designed to work on windows rather than doors. They are a popular choice for windows of all sizes and offer high security for windows located on the ground floor.

What is a Finger Bolt?

Finger bolts are a similar locking mechanism to flush bolts, in that they are independent locking systems operated using your thumb. However, rather than a long rod, a bolt is pushed into a recess on the floor. They don’t typically offer high security, rather they are used to keep internal doors in place when open or closed.

Shoot Bolts at Aspire Doors

As mentioned above, our shoot bolts are included with all of our internal bifold and folding french doors. They’re perfect for holding doors open during summer garden parties, or allowing a breeze to flow through your home without the fear of a door slamming shut. 

Our shoot bolts are finger operated, meaning they don’t have to be connected to a secondary locking system. This makes them exceptionally easy to install on timber doors.


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