What’s the Difference Between a Door Lining and a Door Frame?

A lot of people think a door lining and door frame are the same thing, yet while this confusion is justified, it’s not quite true.

What is a Door Frame?

A door frame goes around an external door. It’s formed of two upright pieces and one overhead piece, as well as a stop moulded into a given position, and compressible seals around the outer edge. This ensures maximum exclusion of draughts and water. 

The word ‘frame’ also implies a structural element; it’s there to hold the surrounding wall aloft.

What is a Door Lining?

A door lining does a similar job to a door frame, except it’s for internal doors

Door linings come with movable door stoppers, which will allow you to adjust the depth at which your door closes. Door linings don’t come with seals, which is why they’re used for internal doors instead of external doors. You might also see door linings described as door ‘casing’. This means the same thing.

So, What’s the Difference Between a Door Lining and a Door Frame?

To summarise, a frame goes around an external door, while a lining goes around an internal door. 

That said, understanding the difference yourself won’t be much use unless you’re talking to people who also know the difference! Even professional joiners can get these terms confused. It’s worth clarifying exactly what you’re talking about before you commission any work, or make a purchase.

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