What is a Pocket Door?

Most doors are formed of several common components including hinges, handles, and latches. Relatively few doors come with pockets.

So what is a pocket door?

A ‘pocket’ door is a door that’s positioned next to a vertical slot in the adjacent wall. By sliding the door into the pocket (a pocket door is a type of sliding door), it can disappear entirely from sight. 


How Much Does a Pocket Door Cost?

Pocket doors vary considerably in price, because the adjoining wall must be deep enough to accommodate the door. If you already have a suitable wall in which to form the ‘pocket’, then you can expect to pay between £400 and £800. For maximum flexibility, you’ll want to build the surrounding walls around the proposed location of your pocket door.

If you have to remodel an interior wall, you can expect this price to increase significantly. 

Demolition isn’t cheap – particularly if the wall in question is load-bearing, or contains electrical or waste pipes. As such, a pocket door is only going to be practical in certain homes. You should also factor in the cost of maintaining a sliding door, since it contains moving parts and carriages that traditional outward-opening doors lack.

That all said, there are many advantages to pocket doors – not least the fact they’re a fantastic space-saving option in many homes.

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